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Occupational health and safety bulletin

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Health and Safety in the workplace is an important issue. Under the Occupational Health & Safety Act of Ontario (OHSA) individuals and companies face significant financial liability and individuals face potential jail sentences.

CFIB's Occupational Health and Safety Bulletin is very informative and goes into detail why health and safety is an important issue. This bulletin is designed to assist small  and medium sized businesses in understanding some of the basic rights and responsibilities of owners, employers, directors, managers, supervisors and workers. 
The bulletin also provides some practical suggestions if you have questions on topics like: 

  • Responsibilities of employers, owners and constructors
  • Employers with more than five employees but fewer than twenty
  • Employers with twenty or more employees
  • Authority of worker member of the JHSC and H&S rep
  • Additional Authority of the JHSC
  • Certification
  • Due diligence


Please contact a Business Counsellor at 1 888 234 2232 or email [email protected] if you have any questions.

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