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OHS Compliance - Thank You

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Your OHS Compliance Toolkit Downloads:

1. Accident/Incident/First Aid Log Template
The Accident/Incident/First Aid Log is a tool to help you organize First Aid in your workplace. The use of this tool also gives you a better handle on occupational health and safety in your company and helps you focus your prevention initiatives.
Download Accident/Incident/First Aid Log Template


2. Accident Investigation/Analysis Template
This template is used to help you identify the cause(s) of an accident so as to prevent further incidents from occurring. Once the causes are established, precautions must be identified and implemented to prevent a reoccurrence.
 Download Accident Investigation/Analysis Template


3. Training Log Template
Use this template to track your training needs, as determined by your legal and contractual obligations.
 Download Training Log Template


4. First Aid Poster Template
All Canadian jurisdictions have a requirement for the workplace to provide at least some level of first aid. Pending on the size of your workplace, the employer is required to ensure there are trained first aid employees are among staff, and those that are qualified first aiders must be publically displayed so that staff know who to contact in case of an emergency. You can use the following template as poster for your workplace.
 Download First Aid Poster Template


5. Health and Safety Policy Template
Use this template to outline your business's commitment to health and safety in the workplace, as well as the role your employees and management play in keeping the workplace safe.
 Download Health and Safety Policy Template


Additional Resources

Return to our Occupation Health and Safety Compliance hub page for additional resources.

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