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The Order of the Bear

Recognizing those who help reduce red tape for small business in Canada.

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Red tape is one of the biggest and most frustrating issues for small businesses across the country. It causes headaches for owners, makes them feel like the enemy when dealing with government, and erodes the relationship between government and business.

But some governments make efforts to reduce red tape, and the people behind these initiatives deserve our recognition and thanks. Enter Small Biz Bravo and the Order of the Bear.

Thanking Those Who Cut Red Tape

The Order of the Bear celebrates government action to support small business by reducing red tape. Anyone working for any level of government who has gone above and beyond with a contribution towards cutting red tape (including improving government customer service) may be eligible to be named to the Order of the Bear.

The Story

The Order of the Bear (and Bravo!) was conceived jointly by CFIB member Karen McKee, owner of Warm Buddy, and Laura Jones, CFIB’s lead red tape reduction advocate.

Karen and Warm Buddy have been making therapy products, including plush, warm-up animals (like Bravo) since 1995. Formally trained as a nurse, Karen has a caring nature and commitment to the purpose of her business, customers, and staff. As a British Columbia-based small business owner and employer, she knows first-hand how important it is to reduce red-tape.

Laura, whose family members own small businesses, also knows how destructive red tape can be. She has been researching the impact of excessive regulation, providing advice to governments on the subject, and helping CFIB members resolve both garden-variety and business-threatening red tape challenges for over 15 years.

Recipients of The Order of the Bear

Order of the Bear recipients have each received a small Biz Bravo bear to thank them for doing something important to help reduce red tape for small business in Canada. Will you be next?


Know someone who deserves the Order of the Bear? Tell us how they have helped Canadian small business cut through red tape and why they are worthy of a Small Biz Bravo!

Any individual, including those working for any level of government (municipal, provincial, regional, or federal), can be considered.