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Our most popular tools

Save time, money and stress by adapting these templates to suit your business’ needs! Our Business Counsellors have prepared these templates with businesses like yours in mind.

Why job descriptions matter

From hiring to performance management, solid job descriptions are invaluable to your business. Write your own using our template.

Create your Employee Handbook

Making an entire manual can seem daunting — but it will pay off by helping you orient new and old employees. Check out our template and webinar!

Do you need a code of conduct?

When you’re facing tough decisions about misconduct and discipline, you’ll be glad you wrote down your business’ policies. Use this template to create your employees’ code.

Be sure to check out our other templates in the Resources section. When you find one you’ll use, be sure to click “Save to My Resources.” You’ll find it in the Member Portal – just click “My Membership” in the top-right!