Small businesses across Alberta have been on thin ice for far too long. In order for real economic recovery to happen, Alberta's small businesses need to be at the forefront of municipal government’s decision making. Now is the time to show how important small businesses are to local economies.


of Alberta's small businesses say their municipal council has not paid enough attention to small business issues


of Alberta's small businesses say lowering property taxes would help their business succeed


of Alberta's small businesses say not imposing new or increasing existing costs is a priority for economic recovery



Dear Municipal Councillors

CC: My Member of Parliament

My small business has been through it all. After grappling with already weak economic conditions, the pandemic brought additional closures and restrictions that continue to affect small businesses like mine. Small businesses are the primary innovators and job creators for cities and towns across Alberta, and we have the ability to pave the way for economic recovery at the local level.

This 4-year term is your chance to show small business owners, like me, that you are dedicated to our recovery so we can help drive economic revival for the entire province and local communities.

If you really want to help my business, I ask that you focus on the following small business priorities:

  • Prioritize economic recovery by not imposing new costs or increasing existing taxes
  • Reduce non-residential property taxes and set a long-term goal for property tax fairness
  • Engage in sustainable spending practices by reducing overall local government costs and find internal efficiencies
  • Create or promote existing shop local campaigns to encourage everyone to support the small businesses in their communities
  • Make a commitment to reduce red tape at the municipal level and keep the best of COVID-19 changes such as accelerated patio permitting. Ensure there is a dedicated business liaison to answer questions about municipal permitting, licensing, etc.
  • Implement a construction mitigation plan that compensates businesses for disruptions caused by municipal construction projects and ensure businesses have fair warning so they can properly prepare