Construction is demolishing my business!

No small business should have to close for good because of local construction!

Construction sign65% of Alberta small business owners believe government should compensate businesses that experience long-term construction disruption.

Construction signMontreal, Quebec City and Levis in Quebec have programs to help SMEs survive heavy construction periods.

Frequent delays, unclear timelines, reduced foot traffic, and ballooning costs — ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Pete Guthrie, Minister of Infrastructure
Devin Dreeshen, Minister of Transport
Alberta’s Mayors

While I appreciate the need to improve our roads and infrastructure, I can’t benefit from the finished product if my business is forced to close down. Diverted foot traffic, excessive noise, and dust and debris all drive customers away. Frequent delays and shifting timelines only add more uncertainty — I need support now!

No business should have to close because of city or provincial construction projects. It’s time for you to step in and step up!

I am calling on you to:

  • Introduce a small business financial assistance program for heavily disruptive construction.
  • Bring in a “no surprise” rule for upcoming construction projects.
  • Use a “dig once” approach to project timing.
  • Introduce an improved contracting process and a bonus/penalty system for early/late project completion.
  • Have a liaison officer on site to keep the community informed on the latest project developments.