Make Manitoba
more affordable for small businesses!

A matchstick figure bending under pressure from three dollar signs symbolizing the cost pressures small business owners are facing

75% of Manitoba businesses believe the provincial government does not understand the cost pressures their business is facing.

Dollar sign inside a circle with an upward arrow symbolizing the cost increases

83% of Manitoba businesses are having trouble keeping up with government costs (taxes, premiums, fees, etc.).

Dollar sign inside a circle with an arrow passing through the circle symbolizing the rising prices and costs for small business owners

95% of Manitoba businesses would like for the provincial government to prioritize addressing rising prices and the cost of doing business.

Growth for my business means growth for Manitoba’s economy!

Government has increased payroll costs by $542,081.80 over 5 years!

  • Payroll taxes
  • Workers Compensation Board (WCB) premiums
  • Energy rate hikes
  • Minimum wage increase

Employer Effective Marginal Provincial Payroll Tax Rate (%) on adding a $50,000 salary at $2.5 million in total payroll, by Province (excluding Quebec) in 2023

Employer Effective Marginal Provincial Payroll Tax Rate (%) for different provinces, with Manitoba being the highest at 5.3% (or $2,625)

- The employer marginal tax rate is what it costs an employer to add an additional worker.

  • *Based on a business with 40 median wage employees
  • **Nominal values, not adjusted for inflation
  • ***CFIB Calculations, not meant for tax purposes
  • ****Does not include CPP, EI, inflation, property taxes, etc.
  • *****These costs are profit insenstive - meaning you face these cost increases regardlesss of what your business is bringing in.

Dear Premier

CC: My Member of Parliament

Recently, the cost of doing business in Manitoba has skyrocketed! After years of dealing with pandemic-related issues and uncertainties, the economy is finally open again, but inflation, supply challenges, and labour shortages are stalling my business’ recovery.

All I want is to be able to afford to run a profitable business in this province!

To help me offset the increased costs of doing business in Manitoba and keep my business competitive, I am calling on your government to:

  • Increase the Health and Post Secondary Education Tax Levy (HE Levy) exemption threshold to $2.5 million, and commit to decreasing tax rates.
  • Increase the small business corporate income tax rate threshold to $600,000.
  • Keep the commitment to eliminate education property taxes, and ensure commercial property owners aren’t paying more than their fair share in the meantime.
  • Commit to a “do no harm” approach: no increasing costs or introducing new ones (e.g., paid sick days).
  • Legislate the WCB surplus distribution policy to require the Board to distribute surplus funds to employers if the funding target is exceeded.
  • Avoid any further Manitoba Hydro rate hikes, and consider suspending the provincial fuel tax to help offset increased energy costs (fuel, heating, cooking, carbon tax, etc.).
  • Take action to address labour shortages; reduce the complexity, red tape, and cost associated with hiring newcomers.
  • Once minimum wage reaches $15.30, return to a stable predictable formula for future increases.