Fix the federal carbon tax in Prince Edward Island!

The federal carbon tax is FAILING small- and medium-sized business. IT NEEDS TO BE FIXED in PEI.

CFIB estimates that $22 billion will have been collected by 2023 where the federal carbon tax was imposed.

Images shows dollar amounts from $0 to $22bn on a line (separated into $5bn segments) explaining that Ottawa has only returned $35 million or 0.16% to businesses of this $22 billion collected since 2019.
  • No program exists.
  • No tax is being returned.
The Globe and Mail article from April 1st "The delay in rolling out federal carbon grants is part of a larger pattern of lagging supports for small and medium-sized businesses" (Promised federal carbon grants to small- and medium-sized businesses are stuck in limbo)

Costs continue to go up, we NEED our money back!

Fuel and energy are the top cost constraints causing difficulties for small- and medium-sized business. Inflation continues to add pressure across the ledger.

With PEI business still holding an average of $102,265 in pandemic debt, the federal carbon tax collected needs to be returned and made available in a timely way to PEI businesses.

  • Ottawa can’t keep this tax.
  • Businesses need it to invest in their own carbon reduction initiatives.


Minister Steven Guilbeault and
Premier Dennis King

CC: My Member of Parliament

I should not be expected to pay into an unequal system that provides households with more than they pay in a carbon tax, while my business is left waiting to receive its promised share.

Ottawa can’t keep this tax.

It needs to return it to PEI small- and medium-sized business owners in a timely manner, through programs or by reducing other taxes paid by businesses.

All I’m asking is for the Canadian and PEI governments make the new carbon tax fair for my business by being revenue neutral like it is for households.

  • Fix the federal carbon tax backstop.
  • Make sure my business receives just as much in rebates as it pays in carbon tax.
  • Freeze the planned carbon backstop increases.