Level the playing field for PEI businesses

Tolls on the Confederation Bridge:

  • Increase the cost of doing business in PEI.
  • Create a financial barrier for goods entering and leaving the island.
  • Make PEI businesses less competitive than other provinces.
Image of the Confederation bridge in PEI with the sentence 'Level the playing field for PEI businesses' written on a road sign

Did you know?

Despite being an inter-provincial connection, the Confederation Bridge still has tolls, unlike other major infrastructure projects in Canada.

Image of a bridgeBoth the Champlain Bridge in Montreal and the Old Quebec City bridge are multi-billion dollar federal investment projects with… NO TOLLS!

Stop sign76% of PEI small business owners say tolls should be removed.

Hon. Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Finance
Hon. Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Transport

CC: Sean Casey, Lawrence MacAulay, Heath MacDonald, Robert J. Morrissey

The tolls on the Confederation Bridge are an unfair and undue financial burden on my small business in PEI. I want fair treatment for my business. It’s time for the federal government to step in and eliminate these tolls, just like you did in Quebec.

I am asking you to:

  • Eliminate the tolls on the Confederation Bridge.
  • Fully fund the bridge as a federal infrastructure project, like other similar national initiatives in Canada.