Make Saskatchewan
more affordable for small businesses!

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65% of Saskatchewan businesses believe the provincial government does not understand the cost pressures their business is facing.

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84% of Saskatchewan businesses say they are having trouble keeping up with government costs (taxes, premiums, fees, etc.).

Dollar sign inside a circle with an arrow passing through the circle symbolizing the rising prices and costs for small business owners

95% of Saskatchewan businesses say they would like for the provincial government to prioritize addressing rising prices and the cost of doing business.

CFIB is fighting for cost-relief!

Sky-rocketing costs are hurting small businesses! CFIB is urging governments to stop piling costs onto small businesses, and give them a chance to recover!

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With a projected $1 billion surplus, we would have liked to see further affordability measures such as holding the small business tax rate at 0% until at least 2024. Quotation mark
— Brianna Solberg
CFIB Provincial Affairs Director

Dear Premier

CC: My Member of Parliament

Recently, the cost of doing business in Saskatchewan has skyrocketed! After years of dealing with pandemic-related issues and uncertainties, the economy is finally open again, but inflation, supply challenges, and labour shortages are stalling my business’ recovery. All I want is to be able to afford to run a profitable business in this province!

To help me offset the increased costs of doing business in Saskatchewan and keep my business competitive, I am calling on your government to:

  • Freeze the small business tax rate at 0% until at least 2024.
  • Commit to a “do no harm” approach: no increasing costs, no introducing new costs for small businesses (e.g., paid sick days).
  • Avoid any further SaskPower or SaskEnergy rate hikes and consider suspending the provincial fuel tax to help offset increased energy costs (fuel, heating, cooking, carbon tax, etc.).
  • Take action to address labour shortages; reduce the complexity, red tape, and cost associated with hiring newcomers.
  • Once minimum wage reaches $15.00, return to a stable predictable formula for future increases.

Doing business in Saskatchewan needs to be more affordable.

Help set me up for success!