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2018 Elections: My small business is counting on you!

As a small business owner, I would like to share a few concerns with you as we approach the upcoming provincial elections.

As you know, small businesses are at the heart of the provincial economy. In fact, 73% of Quebec employers have fewer than 10 employees, and 95% have fewer than 50. It is important to remember that Quebec’s small business community is already subject to the heaviest tax burden in Canada. Despite a reduction in the Small Business Tax Rate to 4% over the next four years, the burden will remain almost twice as high in Quebec than in the rest of Canada (2.7% on average). Despite a planned reduction to Health Services Fund (HSF) rates, my payroll taxes are approximately 50% higher than anywhere else in Canada. This is on top of minimum wage and planned Quebec Pension Plan increases, which will continue to climb over the next five years. Moreover, while the government has made positive efforts to reduce red tape for businesses, a great deal of work remains. Labour shortages are having a critical impact on a number of SMEs all across Quebec and must also be addressed.

I therefore ask that you to show your support of Quebec small businesses by committing to the following:

Thank you for your commitment to Quebec’s small business community. Yours sincerely,

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