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Red Tape Awareness Week

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Pushing for real action on your regulatory burden

It never fails: anytime we ask what issues seriously concern you, red tape comes out near the top of the list. 

But it doesn’t always show up on governments’ radars. That’s why we created Red Tape Awareness Week (RTAW): to drive decision makers to cut unnecessary regulations. Over the course of the week, we show how regulatory burdens from all three levels of government impede your ability to run a successful business and hurt the country’s economy.

In January, we celebrated the 10th edition of Red Tape Awareness Week! See below for some of the highlights – and stay tuned for the 11th edition in 2020.

And the "winner" is...

You’ve had your say. So, what’s the most ridiculous regulation? Find out who takes the Business Owners’ Choice Paperweight Award.

Meet the top offender
Celebrating red-tape warriors

The 2019 Golden Scissors Awards recognize people and departments that have led the fight against red tape by cutting regulations that hinder the success of small businesses. This year, we’ve got winners at all levels of government!

Meet the winners

How does your province compare?

If you think you’ve got it worse than others, here’s your chance to find out. The Red Tape Report Card gives each provincial and territorial government a grade based on their progress in cutting the red tape.

The 2019 red tape challenge

We’ve challenged the feds and the provinces – now it’s the municipalities’ turn. Here’s how they can cut red tape and ease the burden on you.

The true cost of red tape

The fewer employees you have, the more you pay: that’s the sad reality of how much red tape small businesses have to put up with.

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Keeping up the fight

CFIB has been leading the fight against over-regulation for 10 years – and we’re nowhere near finished. More politicians and decision-makers recognize the problem and are working to solve it, but red tape is still one of the top burdens your business faces. Stay with us as we keep fight going in the next 10 years.