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2021 Red Tape Report Card

Since 2011, CFIB has published a Red Tape Report Card every year during Red Tape Awareness Week. Grading governments on their progress tackling excessive regulation, it’s led to impressive results: from a slate of C’s and F’s in its first year, many governments have answered the call and committed to cutting their regulatory load. So we’ve made some changes. 

What’s new in 2021

This year we have evolved our report card to be more comprehensive. The core is still regulatory accountability, as it has been every year since we began this report. But we have added two new sections: the province's regulatory burden, and its progress on eliminating red tape on doing business between provinces. This adds up to one overall grade for every province, based on their marks in each of those areas. 

And now, the grades…

Jurisdiction Regulatory Accountability 
(70% of overall grade)
Regulatory Burden (15% of overall grade) Interprovincial Cooperation 
(15% of overall grade)
Overall Score & Grade
Manitoba 10.0    A 7.8    B+ 9.0    A 9.5    A
Alberta 10.0    A 8.7    A- 7.2    B- 9.4    A
Nova Scotia 10.0    A 6.0    C- 8.2    A- 9.1    A
Saskatchewan 9.7    A 8.0    A- 7.3    B 9.1    A
British Columbia 9.3    A 6.1    C- 8.4    A- 8.7    A-
Ontario 9.3    A 6.5    C 6.8    C+ 8.5    A-
Quebec 9.0    A 6.1    C- 2.8    F 7.6    B
Prince Edward Island 8.3    A- 5.8    D+ 3.9    F 7.3    B
New Brunswick 6.0    C- 6.3    C 3.2    F 5.6    D
Newfoundland and Labrador 4.7    F 6.1    C- 3.8    F 4.7    F

January 27, 2021

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