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Taking the temporary out of the TFW program

In this report, CFIB calls for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program  (TFWP) to be replaced with a stronger solution to address permanent labour shortages.

CFIB proposes a new visa to give foreign workers in entry-level categories and opportunity to work with an employer for two years as a defined step towards permanent residency. Other features include:

  • Employer must have 1 Canadian employee at same wage rate to have 1 Intro Visa
  • Ability to switch employers, not sectors or regions, if commitments are not kept
  • Strict national and provincial enforcement

The report also challenges the assumption that employees are somehow using foreign workers as sources of cheap labour. In fact, almost 70 per cent of small business owners who have use the TFWP say it costs them more than hiring Canadian workers.

December 10, 2014

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