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CRA performance gets a “C” grade from small business

CFIB’s latest report card on the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) showed that small business owners overwhelmingly support recent changes at the agency, yet still give the CRA an overall “C” grade. Although the agency has acted to improve service, small business owners are largely unaware of the many new offerings:

  • Liaison Officer Initiative (8% aware)
  • A commitment to honour advice provided through the online My Business Account (16% aware)
  • Increased source deduction thresholds (24% aware)
  • Call centre agents required to provide their ID numbers (38% aware)

The report card, based on a survey of small business owners, also found that 54% think the agency needs to improve the clarity and quality of information it provides. It was the fifth in a series looking at the CRA’s performance and interactions with small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Read the full CRA report.

February 11, 2015

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