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Having issues with a union? LabourWatch is here for you

Do you have a unionized or unionizing employee base and feel like the cards are stacked against you? Fortunately for you, you’re a member of CFIB, and we’re a member of the Canadian Labour Watch Association.

What is LabourWatch?

Labour Watch was founded in 2000, with a mandate to provide employees with information not readily available to them, including how to exercise their Charter rights to either join or reject a union. But there are resources for employers too! is available 24/7 with no fees and no login required. Its FAQs include:

  • How to decertify a Union
  • How to file an Unfair Labour Practices complaint against a union
  • Unions, labour boards and union reform websites
  • News on emerging developments in labour relations

On top of that, you will find information on:

  • Certification and decertification drives
  • How to avoid legal problems (like an unfavorable labour board ruling) that might prevent employees from stopping a union drive or a decertification effort. 

We strongly encourage you to use this resource in consultation with a labour relations lawyer. This service is not intended to replace a lawyer or a labour relations expert, who can provide information specific to an employer's situation.

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