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How does Easter impact your business?

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  • How does Easter impact your business?

Good Friday is a statutory holiday in many jurisdictions. However, the rules vary among the provinces and territories with regard to opening hours and paying employees.

Good Friday, which this year falls on March 30, is a statutory paid holiday in all provinces and territories, except for Quebec where the rules are a little different. If your business is located in Quebec, please call your CFIB counsellor to learn more about the differences.


What do I pay my employees? 
Typically, employees who meet the eligibility criteria laid out by the province or territory are paid a regular day’s wage for a statutory holiday.  This is the holiday pay.  

Generally, when an employee works on a statutory holiday, they receive their regular day’s pay (holiday pay) plus 1.5 times their regular wage for any hours worked on the holiday, but there are exceptions. Please see your provincial or territorial ministry of labour or call a CFIB Business Counsellor for clarification.


What about Easter Sunday and Easter Monday?
Easter Sunday and Easter Monday are not paid public holidays; however, under provincial legislation you may be required to be closed. Check with your local municipality or with your Business Counsellor to see if your business is required to close.