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Saskatchewan Election 2020: Small Business Priorities

The Saskatchewan election took place on October 26th and the Saskatchewan Party was re-elected.

We challenged party leaders to make small business their big focus, so your priorities would get the attention they deserve. You can read responses to CFIB's 2020 Leaders' Survey on Small Business Priorities to find out where Premier Moe and other leaders stand on issues important to your business.

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Election 2020: Small Business Priorities

CFIB created the Saskatchewan small business pre-election priorities: Roadmap for the province’s economic recovery presentation to share your priorities in our meetings with Party Leaders. Our goal was for the next Government of Saskatchewan to understand what policies will improve the odds of your business’ success.

Business Climate During COVID-19

We know that COVID-19 has hit most businesses hard across Saskatchewan. For many the road to recovery is still a long one.

We've surveyed our members nearly every week during the pandemic to find out what impact COVID-19 is having on businesses and our economy. Our research shows that economic recovery must be a priority for Party Leaders on October 26.

Tax Relief to Help the Economy Recover

The simple fact is: small businesses are Saskatchewan's economic drivers and they are key to our economic recovery.

However, the COVID-19 recovery has been slow for most of them. The majority of Sask small business owners believe it is very important for the next government to provide tax relief to help the recovery, even if it delays balancing the budget.

Sustainable Spending

We know that business owners like you understand the province must take on larger than normal deficits to deal with COVID-19, but do not want to see unsustainable spending outside of that. You work hard to operate within your means and you expect governments to do the same.

The next provincial government must strive to balance the budget without raising taxes.

Investing Strategically

COVID-19 has amplified the need to the next government to make strategic investments to help Sask businesses recover and to grow our provincial economy.

Better technological infrastructure is needed to connect businesses with staff and customers, and a focus on crime prevention will help businesses focus their time and money on growing their business.

Reduce Red Tape

As all levels of governments shift their focus to help businesses recover, red tape reduction has never been more important or necessary. Cutting red tape saves businesses time and money, while improving compliance to make life safer for everyone.

The next Government of Saskatchewan must reduce red tape to help small businesses recover and grow.

Employment and Training

Many businesses are still struggling to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, and nearly all are adapting to new ways of doing business. For many businesses, this work means helping staff develop new skills or onboarding new staff with different training.

The next Government of Saskatchewan must align training programs and employment regulations to help businesses recover.

Find out where Party Leaders stand on issues important to your business

CFIB sent out a Survey on Small Business Priorities to all Party Leaders to find out where they stand on issues important to your business including taxation, spending, red tape, employment and training.