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Tips on managing a safe construction site

It can be hard to mitigate all the risks and hazards on any given construction job. That’s why the Canadian Federation of Independent Business has teamed up with Northbridge Insurance to give you these free guides to some of the most common risks. 

In this exclusive package, you’ll find info on:

  • Fire prevention
  • Construction site management
  • Contractor due diligence 

Plus, you’ll get a checklist for digging near utilities! 

Learn how to keep your work sites safe

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Help keep your business safe & secure with Northbridge and CFIB

In addition to its superior range of insurance products, Northbridge offers CFIB members exclusive benefits to help protect their business!

  • One year of complimentary, on-call legal advice – just for requesting a quote!
  • Double the legal expense coverage, without higher premiums.
  • Free cyber assist when you buy insurance, to keep your business safe from digital threats. 

Find out more about what you can get for your business with CFIB and Northbridge.