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Avoiding scams: Check out the Competition Bureau’s Little Black Book of Scams

As part of Fraud Prevention Month, the Competition Bureau of Canada published The Little Black Book of Scams to help you avoid becoming a victim of scams. Scammers will try to collect personal or financial information from you and your business using phone calls, in-person visits, e-mails, or software. The booklet provides hints on how to identify scams and contact information for reporting them to the correct authorities.

As a business owner, you should beware of scams regarding pyramid or ponzi schemes, internet scams, and other business-related scams. If you have a website, you may be targeted by unsolicited e-mails claiming that your domain name must be renewed, which ask for payment or the “verification” of information.  You may also receive fake directory listings or unauthorized advertising scams aimed at billing you for undesired subscriptions.

Scammers may also send you office supplies without any order request and then claim payment. To protect yourself, limit the number of employees who have direct access to financial information and have a clear and effective management procedure to verify and process payments. Verifying the authenticity of companies, websites, or personnel can be an effective step in protecting your business.

Read more information regarding The Little Black Book of Scams.




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