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Canada Day 2018 – is it Sunday or Monday?

Canada Day is a time for celebration across the country, but when it falls on a Sunday, as it does this year, figuring out the rules around businesses closing and paid holiday pay can be a nightmare for employers.

A little background: Canada Day is a legislated holiday under the national Holidays Act, which stipulates that when Canada Day falls on a Sunday, the holiday is observed on July 2nd (the Monday). However, some provinces have enacted their own legislation requiring the holiday be observed on July 1st, no matter on what day of the week it falls. 

All provinces will observe Canada Day 2018 on Monday July 2nd, with the exception of Newfoundland and Labrador and Nova Scotia. This means that in all jurisdictions except NL and NS, Sunday July 1 will be a regular day, and employees working that day will receive regular wages only. 

Is it a closing day for you?

JurisdictionShop closing day?
British ColumbiaNo*
New BrunswickYes^
Nova ScotiaYes^
Prince Edward IslandNo*
Newfoundland and LabradorYes^
Northwest TerritoriesNo*

* If a retailer opens they must pay their employees according to the Labour Standards/Employment Standards Act of the province/territory. 
^ There are exceptions for certain businesses to remain open on the holiday, please refer to legislation in your jurisdiction.