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Sunday, July 1st is Canada Day!

There are new rules around the Canada Day holiday

Historically, when July 1st fell on a Sunday, retail businesses in Nova Scotia (required to close on Canada Day) were required to close on Monday, July 2nd instead, and were allowed to open on Sunday, July 1st. As of 2018, July 1st will always be treated as Canada Day, even when it falls on a Sunday. This means that certain retail businesses must close on July 1st, and qualifying employees may receive holiday pay.

Store closing rules

Canada Day is a designated retail closing day.  Many retail businesses, such as supermarkets, clothing stores and appliance stores, must close on Sunday, July 1. Other retail businesses, like convenience stores, gas stations and restaurants, can open.

Holiday pay rules

Canada Day is a paid holiday for employees who qualify.  Employees do not have to work on a holiday to qualify for holiday pay.

Employees who are eligible for the Canada Day holiday might:

  • get the day off with pay; or
  • get another day off with pay, if they don't usually work that day of the week; or
  • get extra pay on Canada Day, if they work that day.

Employers of continuous operations (businesses that normally operate seven days a week, such as restaurants) don't have to give employees extra pay for working on the holiday. Instead, they could give employees regular pay for working on Canada Day plus a paid day off on another day.