CFIB’s New Cybersecurity Academy

Did you know the average cost of a cyberattack on a small business is $26,000? Nearly all (95%) cyber breaches happen because of human error, which means you and your employees can better protect your business with cybersecurity training. To get you started, CFIB worked with Mastercard cybersecurity specialists to create the Cybersecurity Academy – with short lessons and lessons specific for small businesses. 

In the Academy you’ll find courses on:

  • The Risks to Small Business 
  • Social Engineering
  • Protecting Your Business
  • Preparing for a Cybersecurity Incident
  • Recognizing Fraud
  • Payment Chargeback & Disputes, Merchant Rights 

The Academy also contains printable tools, valued at $5,500, that you can use to help keep your business safe, including:

  • A hardware and software Inventory Tracker
  • A Phishing Prevention Checklist
  • A template Social Media Policy
  • A Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan template

External sources report that 60% of small businesses close within 6 months of a successful cyberattack – a risk that can be mitigated through cybersecurity training. 

CFIB Members can access the Cybersecurity Academy via the Member Portal. Not a CFIB member? Sign up for a trial membership and access the Academy as well as our other amazing tools