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CRA's My Business Account: cut through the red tape

In recent years, your support of our efforts during Red Tape Awareness Week has led to changes to make it easier for you to run your business, including changes by the CRA, resulting in many small businesses having to file payroll taxes less often, and changing CRA’s My Business Account into an online system for communicating with government, and ensuring that advice is respected by CRA, even when it is found to be incorrect.

My Business Account allows you to:

  • view activity in your account and interact with CRA online
  • pay accounts
  • request EI rulings; and much more.


To get access, you need: 

  • to register with My Business Account (with your social insurance number (SIN), date of birth, postal code and data from your latest return processed) or
  • to register to Represent a Client if you are acting on behalf of the business owner (with the access code from your Notice of Assessment, your postal or zip code and an authorization to access the business account); and
  • Business Number (BN) for which you are authorized access.




Watch this short video prepared by our Manitoba office.


For the CRA to protect the privacy of your information, you need to provide personal information to ensure that you are the person authorized to access the business account.

In addition to all the above services you can request written information from CRA online as set out in CFIB's My Business Account Victory.