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First aid kits - one worker

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If you have one employee on any given shift, your first aid kit must contain:

(a) 1 first aid instruction manual;

(b) 6 safety pins;

(c) 1 pair of splinter tweezers;

(d) 1 pair of 10 centimetre scissors;

(e) 2 pairs of disposable surgical gloves;

(f) the following individually wrapped dressings:

(i) 2 sterile bandage compresses, 10 centimetres x 10 centimetres,

(ii) 12 sterile adhesive dressings 2.5 centimetres in width,

(iii) 12 sterile pads, 7.5 centimetres x 7.5 centimetres,

(iv) 3 triangular bandages, and

(v) 1 roller bandage, 5 centimetres in width;

(g) 1 roll of adhesive tape, 2.5 centimetres x 2.5 metres;

(h) disinfectant in the form of

(i) a container of antiseptic disinfectant, or

(ii) 12 antiseptic towelettes individually wrapped;

(i) 6 hand cleaners; and

(j) 1 airway barrier device for rescue breathing.


Read the full regulations to find out more.