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Refunding EI Premiums: free help for members

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Request an Employment Insurance Ruling for a relative working for you because:

  • Your company and relative may be paying premiums unnecessarily
  • Relatives may be deemed uninsurable because they are related to the owner

How to get an EI Ruling from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA):

  1. Read the helpful hints in “Employment Insurance: Are you paying too much”.
  2. Complete a Request for an EI Ruling, CPT1 form. (Must be sent in) and
  3. Complete a Request for a Refund form (PD24). (Must be sent in).
  4. Call CRA 1 800- 959- 5525 to find out what CRA office the forms should be faxed or mailed.
  5. An EI Ruling Officer will call and ask you and your relative questions to clarify how they are treated differently than a regular employee.
  6. Keep paying EI premiums until you get a ruling decision.