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Reminding you about gift cards

Since June 2008, the Gift Cards Regulation outlines that no expiry dates are permitted on gift cards and gift certificates used in New Brunswick, with the following exceptions:

  • gift cards or certificates used for charitable purposes;
  • promotional cards, such as those received with a minimum purchase at a retail store; and
  • gift cards or certificates issued or sold for a specific product or service (ie. Manicures, facials) as retailers are not expected to make the same product available at the same price indefinitely.


Cards issued by a credit card company, bank or telephone company fall under federal jurisdiction and are therefore exempt from the act.

Some stores may choose to use up remaining cards that have expiry dates on them. If there is an expiry date on a gift card that is in violation of the act, the card remains in effect as if there were no expiry date.

Fees are not permitted under the Gift Cards Act except in the following circumstances:

  • a fee for customization of a gift card - for example, putting a consumer's photograph on the card;
  • a fee to replace a lost or stolen card; and
  • a maximum monthly dormancy fee of $2.50 may be charged on a multi-store gift card, if it has not been used within up to 18 months after purchase.


There is more information available about gift cards on the Canadian Consumer Handbook website.

December 1, 2013

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