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Tax Filings Made Easier, Less Costly for Saskatchewan Businesses starting April 2020

The Government of Saskatchewan recently announced two tax filing changes which will make it easier and less costly for you to file your taxes. Starting April 2020, threshold amounts for the Provincial Sales Tax (PST), Liquor Consumption Tax (LCT), and Beverage Container Program (BCP) will be increased and  due dates for monthly electronic filers will be extended.

Increased threshold amounts:

Effective for the April 2020 tax return, filing thresholds will change:

  Based on Annual Tax Remitted  
Filing Frequency Current Thresholds New Thresholds
Monthly Over $7,200 Over $12,000
Quarterly $3,600 to $7,200 $4,800 to $12,000
Annual Under $3,600 Under $4,800

With these increased thresholds, many businesses will be able to file their returns less frequently.
If these changes will impact your business, you will be notified prior to April 2020.

Extended due dates for businesses who file electronically:

Monthly due dates for electronic filers of PST, LCT or BCP will move from the 20th to the last of the month starting with your April 2020 return.

Please note, businesses that file on paper will continue to have a due date of the 20th of the month.

To take advantage of these changes, register with the Saskatchewan eTax Services (SETS).

By using SETS, you can:

  • Access the system 24/7 and file and pay their returns or request services at their convenience outside of our normal business hours.
  • Process payments early and post-date them to the due date.
  • Download statements of account and view transaction history.
  • Manage their accounts and information, including authorizing their service providers (ex. accountant or bookkeeper) to file on their behalf.
  • Request services such as tax rulings, refund requests, filing frequency changes, payment plans, contractor clearances, letters if good standing and submit business consent forms

If you have any questions about the tax filing changes or need help with SETS, contact Business Resources at 1 888 234-2232 or [email protected].

January 27, 2020

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