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WCB Employer Annual Payroll Estimate due February 28th

Every year, all employers registered with Workers' Compensation Board of Saskatchewan (WCB) must complete an Annual Payroll Estimate by the last day in February.

The form required will be sent to your office at the beginning of January each year. Your EPS (Employer Payroll Statement) must be submitted even if you have closed or sold your business, do not have workers, or do not want coverage so that we can keep your account up to date.

What to include on your EPS:

  • Report your actual gross payroll for the previous year. WCB will compare the actual payroll with the estimate your business provided the year before and make any adjustments.
  • Give an estimate of your gross payroll for the current year, up to the maximum assessable wage per worker.
  • List all the contractors you hired during the previous year, including detailed information on contract amounts and the type of work completed.

The annual EPS can be sent in online. There are four ways to file your EPS. They are:

  1. Fast File EPS – This service allows you to send your EPS online without any special registration. Anyone who has the access code and firm number found on the form we sent to you can send the EPS using Fast File.  
  2.  Online Services Account– Employers who have set up an online account can send their EPS through this account.
  3. Mail or fax your EPS to the Saskatchewan WCB office; or
  4. Deliver it in person to the Saskatchewan WCB office in Regina or Saskatoon.

If you file your EPS after the February 28 deadline, your business will be charged a penalty and you will not be eligible for an Experience Rate discount.

Mark your calendar to periodically review your payroll throughout the year. If your payroll estimate is inaccurate your business may be charged a penalty. You can revise your payroll estimate at any time throughout the year.

CFIB’s Business Resources team is also available to assist you.