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Webinar: Unsure about your taxes? CRA can help!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could know whether you’re doing things right… before you filed your taxes? 

In partnership with CRA during Red Tape Awareness Week, we are hosting a webinar that can help you get this peace of mind.  

During this webinar, staff from the Canada Revenue Agency will tell you how to take advantage of the Liaison Officer Service. With seminars and in-person visits, these CRA staffers can:

  • Answer your tax-related questions
  • Show you how to use CRA tools like My Business Account
  • Review your books and recommend ways to strengthen your bookkeeping

We’ve worked hard with the CRA to make your taxes easier, so be sure to get the most out of this program!

Unsure about your taxes? CRA can help! Introduction to the Liaison Officer Program
January 23rd @ 1pm EST