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What are Nova Scotia’s labour standards?

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  • What are Nova Scotia’s labour standards?

Labour standards, sometimes called employment standards, is the set of provincial laws that determine the minimum requirements for non-unionized employees at work.

Most employers and employees are covered by the Labour Standards Act of Nova Scotia. Labour standards legislation applies to employees who work for you, regardless of the number of hours of work. This includes permanent, full-time, part-time, casual and seasonal workers.

NOTE: The Canada Labour Code covers employees who work in industries that fall under federal jurisdiction, such as railways, pipelines, ferries, banks, interprovincial trucking and shipping, and telecommunications.

Employment standards regulations cover:

  • Minimum wage
    • Employers must pay experienced employees at least $10.85 per hour.
    • Inexperienced employees are to receive at least $10.35 for each hour of work
  • Vacation entitlemen
  • Public Holiday
  • Leaves of absence
  • Termination notice requirements
  • You can access details about provincial labour standards on the government website. You can also reach them by calling 902-424-4311.