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Your business and COVID-19 on Prince Edward Island

We’re here to help

To help you navigate these challenging times, this page provides information on pandemic-related restrictions, support measures, government services, and useful CFIB resources for Prince Edward Island. You’ll also learn how CFIB is fighting for your business.


July 9th 2021 – Beginning today the Prince Edward Island government has relaxed travel requirements for vaccinated Atlantic Canadians and is easing the mandatory mask requirements. For details on how this impacts your business please see the Public Health Measures and Restrictions section below. 

PEI is now in the second phase of it's reopening plan “Moving Forward in 2021”. Progression through the five-phases of the reopening plan is linked to the percentage of PEI residents having received the first and second dose of vaccine. For more information on each of the five re-opening phases please visit the official website and / or the full plan in PDF format.


Use our operational plan template

Protecting your staff, customers, and business is a top priority, so we’ve put together an operational plan template to help you do just that. With tips for best practices, advice on meeting provincial compliance requirements, and links to downloadable COVID-19 resources, the plan is clear, concise, and easy to tailor to your needs.

Public health measures & restrictions

Financial relief & government support

Employee management

What CFIB is doing in Prince Edward Island

What we’re asking for
As we regularly communicate with the Prince Edward Island government to get answers to your questions, we are actively lobbying them to:
  • Ensure shutdowns are consistent and targeted to the sectors of greatest concern, as backed by transparent healthcare policy evidence;
  • Impose lockdowns fairly to ensure an uneven playing field is not created between large and small businesses. As an example, if retailers are required to close, ensure that big box retailers that sell groceries are limited to providing essential services only and not permitted to sell non-essential goods in-store during the lockdown period;
  • Review and update lockdown measures regularly to avoid any business being closed longer than necessary;
  • Ensure provincial small business support programs are available to all sectors, when their operations are affected by increased public health restrictions;
  • Ensure provincial small business support programs are available to businesses of all sizes;
  • Extend availability of provincial small business support programs for as long as public health measures restrict the ability of businesses to operate;
  • Extend current and future provincial small business support programs to businesses that began operating during the pandemic;
  • Ensure the application process for provincial small business support programs are simple;
  • Convert provincial small businesses support programs introduced during the pandemic from “deferrals/loans” to “holidays/grants”;
  • Actively promote consumer confidence, and spending within small businesses.

Learn more on how CFIB is fighting for better relief at the federal level.

Additional resources

Visit our COVID-19 Help Centre

Our primary concern at CFIB is making sure you have the support you need to get through this uncertain and challenging time. We provide you with expert advice and ensure that you have all of the latest information on government announcements and available support.