Looking for a new way to help your members?

CFIB offers a unique and powerful partnership to industry associations and franchise groups. We have already established partnerships with more than 120 groups across the country, and their members now enjoy the full suite of CFIB’s services.

What your members get

  • Personalized one-on-one advice from our knowledgeable advisors. 
    Your members can call us with questions on a wide range of topics from HR to OHS to marketing their business. Plus, they’ll have access to free policy templates, to help them better manage their business, as well as our exclusive webinars.  
  • Exclusive savings on vital services. 
    We’ve partnered up with brands like Scotiabank, Chase® Payment Solutions and Telus to get your members discounts on products they need for their business. 
  • A stronger voice on the policies that affect them. 
    Our team of advocates take our members’ views to all levels of government, ensuring that their businesses are well-represented.
A CFIB sales representative is explaining the benefits of joining CFIB to a group of small business owners

What you get

  • Satisfied members. 
    The suite of CFIB’s services will keep the businesses in your group happy, making it easier to retain and gain members. 
  • Someone in your corner. 
    Need support on a government issue affecting your group? CFIB’s advocates are experienced at navigating the halls of power and can help you push your views. 
  • Appearances from our top staff. 
    If there’s something you want to learn more about, we can send our staff to speak at your conference, webinars or other events.
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What our groups are saying

We find incredible value in our partnership with CFIB through their various offerings. The member savings program was initially what drew us to get memberships for all of our Franchise Partners across the country, but it’s the business counsellors and lobbying work that we’ve found to get even more value from. We can’t thank CFIB enough for all that they’ve done to assist our organization and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them.

Aaron Abrams, President & CEO

MOLLY MAID Canada Inc.

CFIB has and continues to do excellent work to represent the interests of independent business in Canada. We are a small association and our ability to tap into their expertise and help our members has been amazing and offers additional stability. I highly recommend these types of partnerships between associations because, at the end of the day, we all strive to achieve the same thing.

Sandra Wood, Executive Director

Canada Kitchen Cabinet Association (CKCA)

We continually look for opportunities to bring value to our Dairy Queen franchisees in Canada. With the increasing challenges of operating a small business, particularly in the area of compliance with government and health and safety regulations the CFIB was a great fit to assist us in filling that gap. We are very fortunate to have CFIB advocating and assisting the small and medium businesses in Canada.

Jeff Planden, General Manager (CDQ CO-OP Limited) and Terry Smith, General Manager (DQOJ Association of Canada)

CDQ CO-OP Limited / DQOJ Association of Canada

When we partnered with the CFIB a couple of years ago, little did we know at the time how critical our relationship would become. Beyond all the amazing cost saving business resources our members access through our joint partnership, the CFIB’s lobbying power is what helped us keep our member businesses going through-out the pandemic. A dog may be known as man’s best friend, but the CFIB is the best friend of independent business.

Susan Dankert, Communications Director

PIJAC Canada

Let’s get started!

Email our Senior Vice-President, Business Development, Michael Kirwin to talk about pricing and how a partnership with CFIB can help your members: Michael.Kirwin@cfib.ca