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CFIB provides an overview of the importance of temporary foreign workers to agri-businesses in Canada and formulates...

CFIB evaluates the effectiveness of the ESPs that small and medium-sized businesses can partake in.

CFIB delves into minimum wage and living wage policies, shedding light on the complexities that surround these issues.

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Our monthly survey tracks small business confidence, expectations and operating conditions in Canada.

Every other month, CFIB members lend their opinions to 'Your Voice,' a survey exploring a variety of current topics. The latest takeaways are showcased in a series of informative charts that summarize these findings.

Timely economic analysis, including early short-term macroeconomic forecasts developed with our partner AppEco, our latest estimates of private sector job vacancies and a special look each quarter at some key small business questions and economic sectors.

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The critical role of reducing taxes and costs

Putting the small business lens

Can small businesses breathe a sigh of relief yet?

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Key Small Business Statistics

The job vacancy rate in Canada’s private sector in Q1 2024 dropped to 3.5%, slowly approaching its 2019 level (3.3%).

Interactive report presenting a comprehensive overview of Canada’s employment landscape over the past decade.

About CFIB Research & Economic Analysis

Our research is based on members' views, which are fully collected in-house through our various member surveys.

CFIB represents over 97,000 member businesses across Canada. Our membership reflects a diverse group of successful businesses of all sizes, in a wide range of industries, and in all regions of the country. All members are able to participate in our surveys and we operate using a one-member one-vote system.

We release exclusive research, often survey-based but also relying on a wide range of other methodologies, striving to produce clear, credible and compelling data and analysis that can support the success of independent business in Canada.

The CFIB research team is headed by Simon Gaudreault, Chief Economist and Vice-President, Research.