'Your Voice' Omnibus Survey on Small Business Issues



Every other month, CFIB members lend their opinions to 'Your Voice,' a survey exploring a variety of current topics. The latest takeaways are showcased in a series of informative charts that summarize these findings.

Your Voice Highlights

 December 2023 


Heading into 2024, business owners are primarily focused on three major issues: tackling rising prices and the costs of doing business (77%), reducing the overall tax burden (74%), and improving the quality and accessibility of healthcare (65%). These priorities highlight the areas where business owners want governments to focus their efforts.

There is a growing trend towards expansion and digital integration among businesses: 30% plan to invest in launching new products or expanding into new markets, and over a quarter aim to increase their e-commerce or online sales presence.

Regarding business conditions, there's a notable concern about meeting financial deadlines. Approximately 20% of business owners express doubts about their ability to meet the January 18, 2024, deadline for accessing CEBA’s forgivable portion. Furthermore, a significant portion of businesses, around two-thirds, are still grappling with pandemic-related debt, averaging $107,702. This debt burden underscores the ongoing challenges faced by businesses in the post-pandemic economic landscape.


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