In a context where labor shortage is hitting hard, AURAY offers businesses of all sizes, sectors of activity and regions, a turnkey pan-Canadian solution in local and international recruitment, as well as in immigration. Thanks to the expertise of an exceptional team, AURAY is the ideal partner to support you in this challenge.

Equinox, in partnership with CFIB, is revolutionizing international recruitment in Canada. We manage the entire recruitment process from candidate selection to legal support, to the complete integration of workers, everything is orchestrated by our expert team. An exclusive preferential rate is provided for CFIB members.

Getting Ahead is talent platform built for talent and small to mid-size employers in Canada. Talent such as students, new graduates, early career, and experienced professionals are centralized in a simple, self-service platform made accessible only to small to mid-size employers to enable direct hiring at a lower cost than typical platforms and processes. The platform is free for CFIB members for the next several months as we grow.

Find More Resources Through our Savings Partners:

Vubiz offers a range of FREE online courses to help you grow your business and manage your employees. Check out their courses, including “Hiring Right” to learn the four steps of effective interviewing and selection, and “Effective Performance Feedback” for strategies to ensure your feedback is constructive and successful.

As your business grows, it becomes more challenging to keep up. Canadian-owned Payworks helps manage your workforce by providing cloud-based solutions for Payroll and Human Resources, including recruitment, employee profile management, and compensation and benefits management.

What Our Satisfied Members Say About HR Now!

   We are recent members of the CFIB, but the money they have saved us in this short time is incredible. We have managed to cut our merchant processing fees to nearly a 1/3 of what they were previously and have had a sizable refund of EI payments thanks to advice taken from them. If you are on the fence about membership run, don’t walk, and get signed up now! You will not regret it. We certainly don’t!

   I want to express my thank you to you and CFIB for providing all necessary support and advice... CFIB has lots of resources and qualified professionals providing assistance. You had all the information and made my life so much easier without having to pull resources from expensive consultants.

 CFIB is always there when I need them … one of the reason that we are a long standing member … not sure why every business is not a member … glad we are though! 

   I wholeheartedly recommend CFIB to any organization or individual in need of expert HR advice during difficult times. Their support goes beyond mere advice; it's a lifeline that ensures ethical decision-making, preserves corporate values and paves the way for a brighter, more resilient future. My sincere gratitude goes to the entire CFIB team.

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