Why do job descriptions matter?

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Writing an employee job description is a vital step every employer should take for all positions. A good job description will allow business owners to create better job postings, set employment expectations and aid in performance management.

Benefits of a written job description:

  • Helps you in the hiring process.  It will be the basis of your job ad and will help you clearly communicate the goals of the job to prospective employees.
  • Allows you to develop compensation plans that ensure jobs are compensated to appropriately reflect their level of responsibility and qualifications in the organization.
  • You may use it as a basis for performance management. Having a clear job description helps employees understand the responsibilities and duties required of them.
  • Can be used to determine performance areas where training and development would be needed when your expectations or requirements are not being met.

What does a job description include?

  • Core values expected of all employees  
  • A list of the tasks that will make up the job
  • A description of the experience, knowledge, and skills required
  • A list of working conditions or minimum physical requirements

The key to all of this is to describe, in plain language the responsibilities and requirements of the job and to give yourself flexibility to change and update when necessary.