Private sector job vacancies in Canada

The job vacancy rate in Canada’s private sector in Q1 2024 dropped to 3.5%, slowly approaching its 2019 level (3.3%).

Most provinces experienced a drop or remained stable
With the exception of New Brunswick, which recorded an increase in its quarterly vacancy rate, all provinces experienced a decrease or remained stable. Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Prince Edward Island had the largest quarterly change (-0.3%).

All sectors saw a decline or remained unchanged 
Similarly to Q4 2023, all sectors recorded a quarterly and annual decline in their vacancy rates. While having the highest vacancy rates, personal services and construction were among the sectors recording the biggest quarterly decline (-0.3%), with the finance, insurance and real estate sector leading with a 0.4% drop. 

The vacancy rate declined for all size of business
Vacancy rates decreased across businesses of all sizes, with smaller businesses continuing to experience higher rates. The biggest quarterly drop was recorded for micro businesses (fewer than 5 employees). Out of the 500,000 national job vacancies, about 200,000 are in businesses with fewer than 20 employees.

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