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CFIB asks MPPS to stand up for small business

Open Letter issued to all MPPs on potential min. wage, employment standards and labour changes

Toronto, May 16, 2017 – The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) today issued an open letter to all Ontario MPPs asking that they stand up for the province’s small businesses. The letter follows media reports that the government is considering a minimum wage hike to $15/hour, as well as radical changes to the Employment Standards and Labour Relations acts.

"We are deeply disappointed that the government could be preparing to broadside small business owners with a $15 minimum wage plan," said Plamen Petkov, CFIB vice president, Ontario. "It was this government that committed to take the politics out by indexing minimum wage increases to the rate of inflation in 2014. It seems they have abandoned reason and will be pushing this through on the backs of employers with no consultation or full economic impact analysis."

CFIB has been an active participant in the Changing Workplaces Review, twice appearing before the reviewers and providing three written submissions, as well as meeting with the Minister of Labour, senior government staff, and other key representatives from government and the two opposition parties.

"We urge every elected provincial politician – and especially the members of Cabinet who will be responsible for the decision – to listen to small business and recognize the fundamental difference between the small business owner and the major corporation," said Julie Kwiecinski, CFIB’s director of provincial affairs for Ontario. "It comes down to affordability. Small business owners are already being tsunami-ed with other added costs, such as EI, CPP, hydro, and cap and trade. It’s too easy for government to propose these changes when they have no skin in the game."

CFIB is strongly urging government to conduct thorough consultations and financial analyses on any and all recommendations that are brought forward as a result of the Changing Workplaces Review before any commitment is made on amending the Labour Relations and/or Employment Standards acts, or increasing the minimum wage beyond the rate of inflation.

Read the full letter here.

To arrange an interview with Plamen Petkov or Julie Kwiecinski, please contact Kiara Morrissey at 416-222-8022, 647-464-2814, or [email protected]

May 16, 2017

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