Federal carbon tax announcement: CFIB available to comment

Toronto, October 23, 2018 – The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) is available to comment on the federal government’s plan to impose a carbon tax on provinces that currently do not have one in place. 

CFIB is concerned that the new plan will levy significant carbon taxes on small firms while using this new revenue to issue rebate cheques directly to households. Small businesses are already dealing with the recent federal tax changes and the upcoming CPP increases, which will cause a substantial increase in operating costs starting in January 2019. 

CFIB urges the federal government to ensure there is significant consultation with small business owners in the affected provinces before introducing any new tax, and that any rebate or relief plans for households or large businesses are extended to small business owners.  

CFIB representatives are available to comment on the announcement and what it could mean for small businesses.

For media inquiries or interviews, please contact:
Milena Stanoeva, CFIB

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