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Empower independent business owners in your community.

Join CFIB as a Territory Sales Manager.

This isn’t just a sales job.

As a Territory Sales Manager (also called District Manager), you will do more than just represent our organization and services to small and mid-size local businesses. You will have the opportunity to make a real impact on the livelihoods and success of Canada’s independent business owners while growing your career.

As the largest association of small and medium-sized enterprises in Canada, we are looking for Territory Sales Managers to grow our membership of business owners across the country.

Why apply to be a Territory Sales Manager?

  • Attractive compensation: This position has a mix of base salary and commission, incentivizing you to be a top performer.
  • Control your schedule: You’ll work independently to drive successful results in your region.
  • Become part of the team: You’ll have a close rapport with your manager, and be supported by a team of experienced colleagues—many of whom have worked in your position.
  • Be inspired: Spend your days engaging entrepreneurs in your community—and draw on our strong support network that’s just a call away—to help you achieve success.
  • Support the mission: CFIB exists to increase small businesses’ chances of success. Be part of strengthening the entrepreneurial culture in Canada.

Apply now

*This position requires access to a vehicle and a valid driver’s license.

The autonomy, freedom and flexibility is unlike anything I’ve ever done before.

Jesse Kline District Manager

This is the best job that you’re ever going to find.

Vince Godin District Manager

I'm proud of the organization and I'm proud of the work that all of the people within CFIB do that help our members get the answers that they need.

Susan Burgess District Manager

The best part of this job is being able to meet with business owners, talk to them about how they operate, being able to be in my territory and be a part of the community.

Carlos Perez District Manager

As long as there’s breath in my body, I’ll be working here.

Julie Boersma District Manager