Calling in Sick: Comparing Days Away from Work

December 2012
Queenie Wong, Senior Research Analyst

Why are public sector workers taking more sick days than everyone else? A new report from CFIB shows that government employees take 5 more sick, disability and personal days per year than other Canadians, at a cost of up to $3.5 billion.

The report, entitled Calling in Sick, compares sick, disability and personal days taken by employees in the private and public sectors, and shows that, on average, public sector workers take 12.9 days, compared to 8.2 days in the private sector.

See the report for more details.

Calling in Sick: Comparing Days Away from Work in the Public and Private Sector is the third in a series of CFIB reports that will examine the problem of unfair and unsustainable public sector pensions. Our first report was Canada’s Hidden Unfunded Public Sector Pension Liabilities and the second was Public Sector Pensions: a Runaway Train?
Last year, CFIB launched the Pension Tension campaign to call for transparency of public sector pension liabilities and fairness for taxpayers.

The fourth report in the series is The Case for Ending Early Retirement in the Public Sector and the fifth report is Canada’s Two-tier Retirement.