The best (and worst) communities to grow your business

The eighth annual Entrepreneurial Communities report, published in the lead-up to Canada’s Small Business Saturday (Oct 24th), found that Calgary’s surrounding communities took top spot as the most attractive environment for promoting entrepreneurial success.

This is the second year in a row that the Calgary periphery has emerged on top of the list.

The outlying regions surrounding Kelowna, British Columbia and Edmonton, Alberta, fill out the rest of the top three spots, making it a sweep for Western Canada.

Although the western part of the country was well-represented, there are signs of a shift in entrepreneurial excellence, with coastal BC, the prairies, and central Ontario making appearances in the top 10.

The report examines how 121 Canadian cities/regions foster entrepreneurship. Each is given a grade out of a possible 100 points, based on 14 specific indicators covering three main categories: presence, perspective, and policy.

A notable trend from the report is that suburbs and outlying urban areas are making a strong case for their enhanced entrepreneurial status, much of which relates to lower relative costs of doing business while still maintaining access to large markets.

The rest of the top ten:

  • Saskatoon (4)
  • Greater Toronto Area (5)
  • Guelph (6)
  • Barrie (7)
  • Vancouver region (8)
  • Regina (9)
  • Moncton (10)

You can read the full report and see if your community made the grade.

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