Proposed changes to SK recycling program will add new costs and red tape for small businesses

Regina, June 28, 2022 - The Saskatchewan government is proposing regulatory changes to the Multi-Material Recycling Program (MMRP) that would see the program transition to a full extended producer responsibility (EPR) model.

The draft regulations would require significantly more small businesses to pay into the program by lowering the revenue exemption threshold from $2 million to $1 million and removing the single point of retail exemption. CFIB is urging the Saskatchewan government to maintain existing exemptions to ensure smaller businesses are not unduly penalized.

The potential for new or increased costs to small businesses is a key concern. Additionally, any move to a full EPR model must prioritize financial accountability and transparency (with public reporting), minimize red tape and reporting requirements, and ensure regulations are well-communicated in clear, simple language, with an "education first" approach to enforcement.

A new program for packaging and paper could potentially begin its phased-in implementation in 2024. With only half of Saskatchewan small businesses reporting that they are back to normal, pre-pandemic revenues, CFIB is asking that implementation be delayed until at least 2025 to give more businesses a chance to recover.

CFIB has been actively engaged in the regulatory review process since the plan to transition to a full EPR model was announced in the Spring of 2021.CFIB has provided a written submission to the Saskatchewan government, outlining the impacts the proposed changes would have on small businesses and proposing 11 recommendations.

Read CFIB's submission to the Saskatchewan government.

To learn more about the proposed EPR model, visit the Saskatchewan government's website.