Election is over, and as we’ve done for 50 years, we’ll continue to work with the government and all the elected MP to defend the interest of small businesses owners. We won’t forget to remind to the parties the promises they made to small businesses, if needed.


Promises parties made during the campaign

Party leaders’ survey

Every election, CFIB asks the major federal parties to answer a set of questions based on your priorities as a small business. Once elected, CFIB is committed to keeping the next government accountable to their written word.

Summary of Platforms

Our team of policy experts reviewed each party’s platform and identified the positive and worrisome commitments for business owners, so you don’t have to go through dozens of pages.

Virtual Town Hall with political parties

We invited all parties with MPs in the House of Commons to a Town Hall meeting so you can hear directly from them on their commitments to businesses if they are elected.

Watch CFIB president Dan Kelly give an overview of the Summary

Parties' platforms

If you want to know more about parties’ commitments, take a look at their platforms below.

Let the parties know what your business needs BEFORE they get elected

Thousands of businesses have already been forced to shut their doors for good – and many more still could. To ensure small business recovery, political parties must put your priorities at the forefront of their platform.

Based on our surveys, here are independent business’ top priorities for the new government:

  1. A detailed economic recovery plan, with improvements and extensions to COVID relief measures
  2. Measures to reduce the overall tax burden on small businesses
  3. A plan to control government spending and balance the budget
  4. A plan to ensure the EI system is fair and sustainable for small businesses
  5. Red tape reduction


CFIB's election commitment

Since its founding in 1971, CFIB has been a strictly non-partisan organization. The Federation works with all parties and proposes ideas that support the growth of Canada’s small business sector. Based on extensive survey data outlining the views of our 95,000 members, CFIB criticizes bad policy and commends good policy, regardless of the party from which it comes.

Throughout the 2021 federal election campaign:

  • We will NEVER endorse any political party or candidate.
  • We will NEVER tell our members how to vote.
  • We will voice the concerns and priorities of independent business owners.
  • Based on our member surveys, we will put forward measures to help small business succeed and present them to all political parties.
  • We will compliment small business-friendly policy ideas from any political party.
  • We will criticize harmful small business policy ideas from any political party.
  • We will survey party leaders on their commitments to small business and share their responses with our members.
  • We will work cooperatively with any government Canadians choose and all opposition parties.

This is our election commitment.