A step in the wrong direction: CFIB's statement on Manitoba government’s decision to repeal the Regulatory Accountability Act

Winnipeg, March 13, 2024 – The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) is deeply disappointed in the Manitoba government’s recent decision to repeal the Regulatory Accountability Act. This move, made without any consultation, marks a significant setback as it discontinues the province’s practice of maintaining regulatory requirement count and abandons the one-for-one rule aimed at curbing regulatory burdens. 

Regulatory accountability is a cornerstone of effective red tape reduction and is a key principle of good governance. Just as governments are held accountable for taxing and spending, they must also be transparent and accountable in their regulatory efforts. By eliminating the requirement for maintaining a count, the Manitoba government is abandoning regulatory transparency. 

Yesterday’s announcement is particularly troubling for Manitoba small businesses, 90% of whom want the government to commit to red tape reduction. The absence of regulatory accountability measures will undoubtedly exacerbate the burden of regulation, posing a significant concern for many entrepreneurs. 

Manitoba has previously distinguished itself as a leader in red tape reduction and has been recognized in the past by CFIB for its efforts, including pioneering the 2-for-1 rule and making considerable efforts to reduce physician administrative burden in the province.  

CFIB urges the Manitoba government to reverse its decision to repeal the Regulatory Accountability Act. Furthermore, we urge the government to engage in meaningful consultation with small businesses on future regulatory changes that may substantially impact their operations. 

- Brianna Solberg, Director of Legislative Affairs, CFIB 

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