CFIB statement on the Port of Vancouver strike

Ottawa, July 1, 2023 – The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) is very concerned about today's strike at the Port of Vancouver.

A strike could have serious consequences for our economy and our small businesses. Port operations must remain fluid so as not to exacerbate supply chain disruptions and put further pressure on costs, at a time when we are still facing high inflation. It's important to remember that strike-related delays can be costly for small businesses, which could lose sales as a result. Some businesses may lose inventory if perishable goods are not unloaded and brought to market quickly, which would lead to considerable loss of revenue. Contracts are also at risk if goods are not delivered or received on time.

CFIB is calling on the government to ensure that port operations are maintained, and that negotiations continue in order for both parties to find an agreement as quickly as possible. While it is good news that grain vessels will continue to be serviced and that the union intends to service cruise ships during the strike, it's clearly not enough. The government must quickly put in place legislation to ensure that port activities are fully maintained even in the event of a strike. The Canadian economy and our small businesses don't have the luxury of waiting before the government uses every means at its disposal to bring this strike to a swift end.

-    Jasmin Guénette, Vice-President, National Affairs, CFIB

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