CFIB statement on rail disruptions

Toronto, February 13, 2020 – Canada’s small businesses rely heavily on our rail networks to send and receive products, which keeps their doors open to serve customers and pay their employees. CFIB has begun hearing from small business owners across the country about the impacts this service interruption will soon have on their businesses. A prolonged disruption could lead to a loss of key contracts or customers, putting the future of their firm and the livelihood of their employees at risk. 

Some of the most affected industries include agriculture, mining and forestry, and natural resources, but manufacturing, retail, transportation and wholesale will increasingly feel the effect of these actions.
Small businesses often have fewer financial resources to weather a disruption. If the rail disruptions continue, CFIB urges CRA to be flexible with the tax obligations of small businesses that are severely affected.

CFIB calls on the federal and provincial governments to work together and with law enforcement agencies to ensure rail service is immediately resumed. Canada’s reputation as a dependable place to do business is at stake if a speedy resolution is not reached.

—Dan Kelly, CFIB president

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