Additional support will come too late to give Alberta small businesses a fighting chance of survival

7 in 10 Alberta small businesses agree support measures are critical to their survival and are worried about the survival of their business 

Calgary, February 17, 2021 – CFIB is disappointed to learn the hardest hit small businesses will have to wait until April 1 to apply for additional relief through the Alberta government’s new Enhanced COVID-19 Business Benefit. While we appreciate the government providing up to $10,000 in additional support, it is funding that is needed now, not in April. There are also concerns about the government turning off the taps to the current SME Relaunch Grant with applications closing at the end of March. 

“It’s mind boggling why the Alberta government is asking the hardest hit small businesses to wait until April for additional support when an existing program is in place to roll out funding now,” said Annie Dormuth, Alberta provincial affairs director. “This move makes no sense, and does not reflect the realities of small businesses, many of which are barely hanging on. Small businesses are not in a position to wait for additional funding or have provincial or federal support programs turned off.” 

The recovery rates and number of small businesses at risk of closure in the hospitality (restaurants, hotels, caterers) and arts and recreation (gyms, venues, arcades) industries show the need for additional support now, not in April:  


Hospitality industry

Arts and recreation industry 

Alberta average 

% fully open  



% full staffed  



% with normal sales  


% at risk of closure  




% need additional provincial support 




“Although the government has established a reopening plan, it is dependent on many factors that could prolong when businesses can either reopen or operate under greater capacity. Until we are well past the reopening phase and back to a position when small businesses can operate without social distancing measures, the government needs to ensure supports are in place,” concluded Dormuth.

Source for CFIB data on support measures:  
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Source for CFIB data on recovery:  
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Annie Dormuth
Alberta provincial affairs director 

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