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Toronto, September 1, 2021 – Small business owners are divided on the contentious issue of vaccination credentials for entry into businesses. The Ontario government’s announcement on vaccination credentials provides some clarity, but leaves many concerns and unanswered questions for small business owners. How will enforcement work? Who is responsible in the event of a fraud? What is included under “youth recreational sport”? Will training be provided for businesses that have to check vaccine credentials? How are businesses supposed to recognize out-of-province and out-of-country vaccinations? Is there iron clad protection for businesses against potential human rights challenges and costly lawsuits?

It is disappointing that the government is adding additional requirements without first removing the remaining capacity restrictions. Businesses like gyms, dance and yoga studios, concert halls, event spaces, wedding venues and bowling alleys remain at 50 per cent capacity. These businesses are among the hardest hit and longest restricted in the province. Today’s announcement adds an additional burden on these businesses and their employees. They need to know when they will be able to begin their recoveries. The Ontario government needs to provide more funding and a plan for allowing them to get back to 100 per cent capacity to these businesses now.

Finally, we call on the Ontario government to provide additional financial support to aid businesses in their new role as vaccination screeners, which may require additional staff, training and technology to ensure full compliance with the new rules.

-Ryan Mallough, Senior Director of Provincial Affairs for Ontario
-Julie Kwiecinski, Director of Provincial Affairs for Ontario

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